Which tree wood you like to grow?

Wild Olive tree

Olea europaea L. subsp. africana

Frost-, drought- and wind-resistant, the wild olive is regarded as a small-fruited subspecies of the commercial olive.

Monkey Thorn Tree

 Senegalia galpinii;  Acacia galpinii. (old)

This is a large tree has tap roots, making it ideal for a big garden, avenue or park. Very easy to grow from a seed.  

Yellowwood Tree

Podocarpus latifolius

It is South Africa's National Tree.  The yellowwood is also protected by environmental laws and prohibits anyone from removing them.

How wood you like to GROW A TREE?

In a bag

Includes South African indigenous tree seeds, instructions, hessian bag and soil. Each pack has a tree poem and growing guidelines.

In a pot

Inside you will find indigenous tree seeds and a coco peat disk. The lid is also the drainage tray. Place the seeds in the indent and just add water.

Sponsor one for a school

You will get an CerTREEficate with unique Tree Number, tree details and Geotag (GPS). We grow trees from seed or cuttings at our plant nursery in Centurion, South Africa.