Grow A Tree in a bag - Monkey Thorn tree seeds

ZAR 39.95

This pack includes the South African, indigenous Monkey Thorn tree seeds. Together with instructions, handmade hessian bag, and soil. Monkey thorn tree was the tree of the year for 2009, and that year was also the internal year of Astronomy. We gave the tree a poem to honour this year:

The Star Tree

Star light which is bright

Drive me to my dream tonight

A car will go from A to Zee

It’s me who sets you free

It takes a seed to grow a tree

Now take your idea, and make it be.


This tree seed starter pack, is a fun and interactive activity. It has all the basics to get you to grow your own tree from a seed. The big idea is that you grow the tree in the starter pack for 9 months. Once grown, plant your baby tree in an area that you will be able to go back to in 20 years, to give it a hug and say hello. We have the million tree campaign, whereby we can take the GPS co-ordinates, of where you plant your tree. So that we can map out all the trees that have been planted and grown from seed.

Senegalia galpinii; or Acacia galpinii (old name)

This is a large tree and has tap roots, making it ideal for a big garden, street or park. Very easy to grow from a seed.  

For more information about this tree follow this link:  :

Each GROW A TREE pack contributes R5 towards clean-up campaigns. This is part of our responsible packaging policy.

Each GROW A TREE also contains a unique grow number to register your tree on our national tree database and become part of the MILLION-TREE CAMPAIGN.

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