Sponsor A Tree for a school

ZAR 80.00

Sponsor A Tree is a charity branching off of Grow Group Industries. We are rooted in Centurion, South Africa and grow trees for schools. Your sponsorship will allow us to grow more baby trees. Our aim is to plant one million trees; and add “growing a tree from seed” into the national curriculum for all grade one’s.

When you sponsor a tree, you will also get a CerTREEficate with a unique Tree Number. Each tree is geotagged (GPS), with co-ordinates. We grow trees from seeds or cuttings at our Grow Group nursery in Centurion. Some of these trees are ready for disTREEbution, in other words they need to be planted now! We need to talk about environmental education in schools when we plant these trees, to re-enforce the practical of planting a tree.

Any of these 10 trees can be chosen for sponsorship:

Brown Karee, Buffalo thorn, Common corral tree, Monkey Thorn, River Bush Willow, Wild Olive, Yellow wood, White Stinkwood, Pompon tree, Peach tree, Avocado Tree,

Are you looking for tree planting projects? Please email sponsoratree@growatree.co.za and our TREE team will help you. Or visit our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/SponsorAtree

Through our Sponsor A Tree charity, we have planted more than 7000 trees, in schools and community projects that desperately needed more tree’s. We need your help to promote tree planting and environmental education. Please sponsor a tree for a school.

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